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Vape Pen Battery Explosions | How To Avoid Them

As a vape pen supplier, one of the things we do every day is comb the market to see what people seem to be talking about in the industry. Unfortunately, a concerning trend seems to be rearing its ugly head! What’s the trend? Vape pen battery explosions? It seems like just about every news network has at least one article that explains a horrible […]

Is It Better To Smoke Or Vape?

Vape pens seem to be gaining incredible popularity with consumers. However, it seems like most people are far under-educated when it comes to using these devices, and the benefits of them. So, today, we’re going to explore whether it’s better to vape than to smoke from a few different angles. First, we’ll talk a bit about health and carcinogens. Then, we’ll talk about accessibility, […]