EGO Globe Vape Pen Starter Kit – Stainless Steel

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EGO Globe Vape Pen Starter Kit – Stainless Steel

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Product Description

The EGO Globe vape pen is one of the most popular wax burning pens on the market. Featuring a stylish globe that offers more than just visual appeal, allowing for a heavier, more fulfilling hit. Although the design of the EGO Globe vape pen is eye catching, it’s still small enough to easily conceal from the general public.

What Comes With The EGO Globe Vape Pen Starter Kit?

The EGO Globe Vape Pen Starter Kit is an all inclusive kit with everything you’ll need. It includes the following…

  1. EGO Battery - The battery included in this kit is a top of the line, rechargeable EGO battery, available in multiple colors. If used properly, this battery will last you for 300 charges or more.
  2. World Map Globe - The World Map Globe included in the starter kit is a limited edition piece. So, get yours while supplies last. This globe acts as the vape pen’s combustion chamber. Because it’s a larger chamber than those offered by standard vape pens, it provides a larger, more fulfilling hit.
  3. EGO Base - The base of the EGO Globe vape pen is the piece that forms the connection between the coil and the battery.
  4. EGO Tip - The EGO tip is designed for great air flow and a sleek appearance.
  5. USB EGO Charger - Don’t worry about having to buy a charger for your batter, it’s included in this kit!

How To Use Your EGO Globe Vape Pen

Your new vape pen will show up to your door fully assembled and ready for the first use. All you need to do is load it, turn it on, and start using it. Here are the steps to doing so…

Step #1: Make Sure All Pieces Are Put Together Tightly - When you first take your new vape pen out of the package, it will be completely assembled. However, it’s important to make sure that everything is screwed together tightly. Any distance between the pieces could cause arcing and reduce the life of your battery.

Step #2: Loading Your Vape Pen - The wax used in your vape pen needs to be loaded into the coil. To do so, firmly grip the battery and the globe. Now slowly pull the globe off of the battery. Now, simply fill the coil with wax. Once you’ve filled the coil with the desired amount of wax, put the globe top back on the pen and you’re ready to start using it.

Step #3: Turn Your Pen On - Your new EGO Globe vape pen features an on/off function as a safety and battery economy feature. To turn your pen on, simply press the button on the battery 5 times fast. When you do, the button will blink 5 times and start lighting up when pressed.

Step #4: Start Vaporizing - Hold the button on the battery while taking your hit out of the tip of the vape pen. Remember to hold the button down during the entire hit and decompress the button when your hit is complete.

Step #5: Turn Your Pen Off For Safe Keeping - When you’re done using your vape pen, it’s incredibly important to turn your pen off for safe keeping. To do so, simply click the button on the battery 5 times fast like you did to turn it on. The button will blink indicating that it’s been turned off.


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